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About Me

When I was ten years old, I received my first camera as a Christmas present. From that moment, I annoyed my family and friends by taking pictures of almost everything that we did. The shelf in the refrigerator door was filled with my undeveloped rolls of film.

In college, I was always the one with the camera, taking photographs of friends and parties... including some that probably should never see the light of day. My junior year, I took an introductory class for photography. It was film. It was black and white. But it furthered my love for everything photography-related. One of my pictures was even chosen as the cover of our school's literary magazine. Since I majored in biology, my developing passion remained a hobby.

After graduation, I continued to regularly upgrade my cameras for personal use but they were mostly point-and-shoot film cameras I used for vacations. With the advent of digital imagery, the company I was working for created a photography department in 2005 and I was instrumental in organizing and overseeing the day-to-day operation. I taught myself editing and retouching. My job was to make a good picture great and a great picture exceptional. But they were always someone else's pictures.


Desiring to create the same type of art, I upgraded my point-and-shoot camera to my first DSLR in October 2008. I began taking nature pictures, mostly birds. Eventually, some of my friends started asking me to take pictures of them for special family events.

I love taking pictures. I love retouching pictures. I love the reaction I get when people see their pictures... and I'd love for you to have the same experience!

  - Scott

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